TVEMSS Protocols

Protocols or Standing Written Orders are the procedures our paramedics and EMTs follow while working on emergency calls in the field.

These Standing Written Orders were written and approved by the Agency Directors and Medical Director of: Caldwell Fire and Rescue (CFD), Canyon County Paramedics (CCP), Homedale Rural Fire Protection District, Melba Quick Response Unit (MQRU), Middleton Fire and Rescue (MRFD) and Nampa Fire Department (NFD). These protocols were approved December 2011 and will be effective until a revision is approved by all departments. These will be reviewed at least annually and any modifications will be distributed to all departments and field providers.

General Section:

Cardiac Sections:

Medical Section:

Obstetrics Section:

Toxicology Section:

Trauma Section:

Pediatric Medical Section:

Pediatric Cardiac Section:

Drug Section:

Appendix Section:

Critical Care Transport Drug Section: