'New Ambulances'

Canyon County Ambulance District recently received delivery of two brand new Chevy chassis ambulances. They still need to be configured for our use and have the finishing cosmetic touches done before they will be able to go into service in the county. CCAD has historically used Ford chassis for our ambulance mounts and remounts, but when it came time to order new ambulances it was decided to go a different route and order Chevy brand ambulances. The pictures below are without our graphics on them currently.

Many people may not know the stress that an ambulance is put under during normal and emergency use for the district. Many of our current fleet are getting up in age in terms of mileage and amount of use despite still being fairly newer vehicles. For many years we remount our ambulances, which basically is replacing the truck part of the ambulance with a new one and reusing the 'box' or patient compartment portion of the ambulance. When ambulance 'boxes' increase in mileage and use, they can become structurally weak and in the unfortunate event of an collision can fail at those weak points. Occasionally, in this years case, we order entirely new ambulances to add to our fleet to replace the oldest units. Quality ambulances is important not only for the safety of our crews, but the patients we transport also.